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    cheesy_chester is offline Beginner
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    Aug 2010

    Exclamation Taylor GS5 or GS7

    Hey guys plz help me choosing TAYLOR's GS5 or GS7
    Both r with cedar top Grand Symphony with
    GS5- tropical american mahogany back n sides
    GS7- indian rosewood
    both have same prize tag n i can afford only1
    my preference is more towards mellower warm sound

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    I have no idea bout any.. i guess no one here uses Taylor.. and as far as i know the GS series is some 2500$.. are you from India? doesn't look like..

    I'm sorry to say but you won't find any genuine advices regarding both guitars at IGT.

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    cheesy_chester is offline Beginner
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    Aug 2010
    yes i am frm india



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