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    rahuljin is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2008

    tabs of smoke on water

    i want to power chords so plz make available the power chords version of this song

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    -Nemesis- is offline Beginner
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    Jan 2008
    What is with these newbs? o.o


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    sumantp's Avatar
    sumantp is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2007
    I play the acoustic version
    F# G A
    F# G A# A
    F# G A
    G F#
    All r in their higher pitches...!!it sounds good!!try then out on an electric!!
    OR hold the strings 4 n 5 n play both strings 5 on the frets as
    2 5 7
    2 5 8 7
    2 5 7
    5 2...the numbers r the fret string 4 n 5 both!!then the song follows..
    We all came out to montreal...........



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