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    Wink sugest a site for lisning songs online

    Hay I want a good site where I can lishen to English songs Online.
    I tried surching google but most sites inly offers buying the song CD's online,
    If you know one share it.

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    USA Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
    launch in yahoo is good one... try it.
    Life is like a negative... it needs darkness to develop....

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    344's the biggest
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    #define __NONSENSE__

    #include <religiousviolence.h>
    #include <dirtypolitics.h>
    #include <popularculture.h>

    BOOL lesson_learnt = FALSE;

    void History()
    if(Checkstabiity(fanaticism) && CheckCorruption(BoomingEconomy) && CheckPublicDesire(SocialProblems))
    lesson_learnt = TRUE;

    History(); //repeat History


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