Intro: C, D(4), Em 4 times

Em C
I'm walkin a wire, feels like a thousand ways I could fall.

Em C
To want is to buy, but to live is to die, and you can't take it all.


D(4) C G
everything is said and done I won't have one thing left.

C D(4)
What happened to everything I've ever known?


Em G
'Cause all they gave me was this ticket to heaven.

But that ticket to heaven said lie in the bed that you make.

Em G
Now I'm restless and I'm running from everything.

C C5 B5 G5 F#5
I'm running form everything. I'm afraid it's a little too late.

Verse 2:

Em C
Soft voices lie, innocence dies now aint that a shame.

Em C
When all of your dreams and all your money, they don't mean a thing.