Chords for one of the coolest guitar songs I've heard

You know you're (D) everything to me

and I (Bm)could never see The (G)two of
us a(A)part

And you know I (D) give myself to you

and no (Bm) matter what you do I

(Em) promise (G) you my (A) heart

(G) I've built my world (D) around you

and I (Em) want you to (D) know

(G)I need you like I've (D) never needed

(Em) anyone (G)before

(D) I live(A) my (G) life for (A) you

(C) I want to be by your (G) side

In (Em) everything that you (A)do

And there's (D)only one (A)thing you can(Em) believe is(G) true

(Em)I (G)live my (A)life for(D) you

I (D) dedicate my life to you

You know that (Bm)I would die for you

But(G) our love would last(A) forever

And I will (D)always be with you

And there's (Bm) nothing we can't do

As (Em) long as (G)we're (A)together

(G) just can't live (D)without you

and I (Em)want you to (D)know

I (G)need you like I've (D)never needed (Em)anyone (G) before