well as keane have no guitarist....this song has just a very cool piano part...
the rhythm is simple...u can figure that out...

chords- A,C#m,Bm,Esus4,E

the pianist has both hands for playin...one plays the chord rhythm..the other does this---
(everything on the G string of the guitar.....(this is a piano transposed to guitar))

A---------------------- C#m---------------- Bm---------------- Esus4-- E--------

same thing is repeated throughout the verse....
then the bridge-

oh simple thing..where have u gone..i'm getting old .and i need something
F#m--------------..C#m------------------- D---------------- Esus4--------------------
G-|4---4---|4---4---| 6----6----|-6----6-----|7---7---|7--7--|7------------7------------|

to rely on

and the same blah blah...

the chorous..i dont know the riff part....the chords are..
D Esus4 E
And if you have a minute why dont we go
D Esus4 E
Talk about it somewhere only we know
D Esus4 E
This could be the end of everything
So why dont we go
Somewhere only we know

well that completes it....(i dint have a guitar while tabbing this...so plz check the chords fer the chorous)