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    Dec 2004

    Smile Req Chords Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton) & Nikita (Elton John)

    Hi - I would be really greatful if some could post me these chords - thanx.

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    Jul 2004
    Here are the chords:
    Wonderful Tonight:

    G D C D
    It's late in the evening and she's wondering what clothes to wear
    G D C D
    She puts on her make up and brushes her long blonde hair
    C D G Em
    And then she asks me do I look alright
    C D
    And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight

    We go a party and everyone turns to see
    This beautiful lady who’s walking around with me
    And then she asks me do you feel alright
    And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight

    C D G Em
    I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes
    C D C D tacet G
    And the wonder of it all is that you just don't realize how much I love you

    It's time to go home now and I've got an aching head
    So I give her the car keys and she helps me to bed
    And then I tell her as I turn out the light
    My darling, you were wonderful tonight
    Yes my darling you were wonderful tonight

    By the way these aren't my chords !!!!

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    Nov 2004
    from my archives, not my interpretation -J
    Wonderful Tonight         by Eric Clapton
    G   D/F#   C   D   G   D/F#   C   D
    G                   D/F#
       It's late in ...
    C                         D
       She's wondering what ...
    G                  D/F#
       She puts on ...
    C                   D
       And brushes her ...
    C               D
       And then she ...
    G       Bm/F#   Em
       Do I look a...
                  C             D           G     D/F#  C  D
       And I say yes, you ...
    G           D/F#
       We go a par...
    C                D
       And everyone ...
    G                 D/F#
       This ...
    C                   D
       That's walking ...
    C               D
       And then she ...
    G         Bm/F#   Em
       Do you feel a...
                  C           D           G
       And I say yes, I ...
       I feel wonderful
          D               G         Bm/F#   Em
       Because I see the ...
                C           D
       And the ...
                    C             D
       Is that you ...
                   G        D/F#  C  D  G  D/F#  C  D
       How much I ...
    G                   D/F#
       It's time to ...
    C                          D
       And I've got an ...
    G                     D/F#
       So I give her ..
    C                   D
       She helps ...
    C              D
       And then ...
    G       Bm/F#         Em
       As I turn out ...
                 C                 D           G     Bm/F#  Em Em/D
       I say my darling, you were ...
              C                 D           G   D/F#  C  D  G  D/F#  C  D  G
       Oh my darling, you ...
    #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------#
    #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the#
    #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#
    Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 17:51:58 EDT
    From: AntiUNC <>
    Subject: c/clapton_eric/wonderful_tonight.crd
    Song: "Wonderful Tonight"
    Artist: Eric Clapton
    Submitted by: (Brendan)
    Date: May 11, 1998
    Chords: Intro
    Play twice while lead plays this:
    br: bend and release
    /: slide up
    \: slide down
    repeat again but after second time play
    Eric sings:
    It's late in the ...
    G                     D7/F#
    She's wonderin ...
    Eminor                          D7/F#
    She puts on ...
    G                  D7/F#
    And brushes ...
    Eminor                       D7/F#
    And then she ...
    C                 D7/F#
    Do I look ...
    G     D7/F#    Eminor
    And I say Yes, you ....
    C                        D7/F#     D7/F#  G
    solo starts at around 3:20
    lick that clapton plays is in the same scale as
    the solo so it is very easy to figure out

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    Happiness is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2004

    Thumbs up Thanx

    Thanx dude - i'll try it out, but can u also plz send me the chords for Nikita, by Elton John.



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