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    Exclamation Plane Acoustic Solo Songs

    I am new here but i wanted a list of a few songs in which i can play a solo without any distortions or flanger. I do have a zoom but an acoustic song would do just fine
    eg John Mayer
    Harsh Kumar
    Manipal University (MIT)

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    You can try

    Lady Darbanville by cat stevens
    Cowward of the county - kenny rogers

    Allah ke bande - hindi

    etc etc

    good luck

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    tears in the rain by JS ranks no. 1 in my list of accoustics
    sofa no. 1 by zappa..
    GNR- used to love her
    most john denver and bob dylan songs( all i guess)
    metallica-nothing else matters
    hotel california
    bob marley-no woman no cry......
    thats it for now
    Bjr - The best jokes are the ones that backfire
    guitarangela - Eggs are evil

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    breakfast in tiffany ... very brisk ... and in major scale ... that makes it bright ...



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