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    Human Touch Chords

    chords for this one
    You and me we were the pretenders
    we let it all slip away
    in the end what you dont surrender
    well the world just strips away

    girl aint no kindness in the face of strangers
    aint gonna find no miracles here
    well you can wait on your blessings my darlin'
    but i got a deal for you right here

    i aint looking for prayers or pity
    i aint coming round searchin' for a crutch
    i just want someone to talk to
    and a lil' of that human touch
    just a lil' of that human touch

    aint no mercy on the streets of this town
    aint no bread from heavenly skies
    aint nobody drawin' wine from this blood
    its just you and me tonight

    tell me in a world without pity
    do you think that what im askin's too much
    i just want something to hold on to
    and a lil' of that human touch
    just a lil' of that human touch

    oh girl that feelin' of safety you prize
    well it comes with a hard price
    you cant shut off the risk and the pain
    without losin' the love that remains
    we're all riders on this train

    so you been broken and you been hurt
    show me somebody who aint
    yeah i know i aint nobody's bargain
    but hell a lil' touch up
    and a lil' paint

    you might need something to hold on to
    when all the answers they dont amount to much
    somebody that you just can talk to
    and a lil' of that human touch

    baby in a world without pity
    do you think what im askin's too much?
    i jut want to feel you in my arms
    and share a lil' of that human touch....

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    i believe u need the chords?

    thread moved
    .. Rock got no reason
    Rock got no rhyme ..



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