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    May 2005

    Thumbs up hi this is my first time

    if anyone wants to know how to play tears in heaven in chords and melody mixed please let me know. it is really awesome and thats the best i can play presently. pehla nasha and wonderful tonight are other songs i play well

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    Jun 2005
    u'll have to convince me 2 tell ya!!

    Talking Yep Dude pls teach Me!!!

    Really like that song "Tears in heaven" pls teach me all u know about this song dude would be greatful to ya.......n also if u dont mind "pehla nasha" also...chee Thanx a ton dude
    Remember that the GREAT oAk was once a little NuT that Held its Ground!

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    Jan 2005
    r u from jai hind rophan?
    anu malik raped my first love-MUSIC
    plz visit daily puzzles and trivia thread for reps and points

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    Apr 2005
    welcome to igt rohan!its good to have you here...
    i can play tears in heaven but its qute difficult to me as i dunno how to play classical style.i can
    play the song but it takes a little longer time than the original one!

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    Feb 2005
    South Delhi
    i think this thread should be in English Submit and request forum........
    i cant wait to have an image signature..........

    "if you see that two parallel lines are means you have reached infinity" - dlogic



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