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    File Uplaod - Why by Frankie Avalon

    Why - Frankie Avalon ( by me ) -

    Hi All

    This is my first and a very pathetic attempt to singing along with guitar...
    trust me i m a very very bad singer ( u will get to know it when u listen to the file ) ... and more over.. i skip the ebats as i sing...

    Also, i lost my guitar pick ( all of them one by one ) i used the Mumbai local's ticket as the pick..pardon me for that.

    still.. i m uplaoding the file so that the real singers out there could suggest me some improvement.


    Bharat Mudgal

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    heehhe..clap clap..nice attempt!!! well...even im a newbie at singing..if at all u've heard my recording of the eternal flame im not really in a great position to help u...but from my own xp iL suggest u::
    ur voice is very nice but if u practise u can sound really great..u didnt change the pitch or anything...atleast do that in accordance wid the chords..thruout the song ur notes and pitch remained stagnant try and sing in diff. pitches and get some modulation in ur voiz...thankgod the guitar was playing otherwise u sounded almost as if u were reading out sumthing from the book [no offence..just want u2 learn ] the crux is keep changing the notes and pitch in accordance wid the song... so slog it out,bro! reps4u

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    Rock got no rhyme ..



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