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Thread: Everything i do

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    Thumbs up Everything i do

    Hi friends just try out this acoustic version of this song(you may have seen it many times in this web site,but not this version,i'm sure) its great .I dunno about the scales and stuff but still its sounds very good. You could play it for your girl i'm sure she'll really like it.Play the intro lead for the first two lines of the verse.

    Intro Lead:
    E -2-2-2--2-3-3-2--0-0-0--0-5-5-0--3-3-3-----0-2---0-
    B -3-3-3-------------2-2-2--------------3-3-3---3-----3---
    G -2-2-2-------------2-2-2--------------0-0-0-------------
    D -0-0-0-------------2-2-2--------------0-0-0-------------
    A ---------------------0-0-0--------------2-2-2-------------
    E ------------------------------------------3-3-3-------------
    ^\D major ^\A major ^\G


    [D]Look into my eyes.(e--2-3-3-2--).. [A]And you will see.(e--0-5-5-0--).. [G]What you mean to(e----0-2---0-- [A] Me.
    b--3-----3---- )

    Search your [D] Heart... Search your [A] Soul ...
    And when you [G] find me there you will [D] Search [A] No more

    You can't [G] tell me it's not worth [D] tryin' [A]for
    You can't [G] tell me it's not worth [D] dyin' [A]for

    You know it's [D] True... Everything [A] I do... I do it [D] for you

    (Repeat above for second verse.)
    Look into your will find..there's nothing there to hide
    Take me as I am..take my life, I'd give it all ... I would sacrifice

    Don't tell me it's not worth fighting for
    I can't help it, there's nothing I want more

    You know it's true, everything I do..I do it for you

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    Hangar 18 ... on parole ...
    NICE SONG ...

    but please forgive me is a better song by BAdams ...

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    hobs crk
    Its the same version as posted by the others, only one full tone higher. And with slightly incorrect chords.

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    nice attempt as a newbie...but some problem wid ur intro lead!

    .. Rock got no reason
    Rock got no rhyme ..




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