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    Dreamer - Ozzy Osborne

    very nice song ...

    yest it kinda stuck to my mind ... i searched the internet and found half-cooked "tabs" ... each of 'em having solo entirely/partially wrong ...

    so i decided to play + tab the solo ...
    for the completness, though, i have included the chords to the song (which i have lifted from some "tab") ...

    it is an extremely melodic song ... and best of all playable on the acoustic ... infact the leads can also be played on acoustic except for the string bends and vibratos which can be slightly harsh on the fingers ...

    enuff ... here it goes ... (ok i saw in the preview window that the spacing is not coming good ... so i'll attach the text file along also ...)

    #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------#
    #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the#
    #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#

    Artist: Oz/Zakk/Rob ...
    Title: Dreamer
    Album: Down to Earth (2001)
    Transcribed by:

    /************************************************** ****************************
    The Guitar used by Zakk Wylde is 1/2 step (1 fret higher tuned)
    so the tuning of the guitar would be e# b# g# D# A# E#
    however, here it has been displayed as if on normal tuning
    For playing along the track, capo on the first fret
    ************************************************** ****************************/

    This is kinda non-spoon-feeding tab ... so only the chords have been listed.
    How those chords are being played, u'll havta make out from the song.
    The solo in the end is complete (with nuances).

    Chords/lyrix have been lifted/compiled from various other tabs on the web

    C Am
    Gazing through the window at the world outside
    C Am
    Wondering will mother earth survive
    F Dm Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her, sometime

    C Am
    After all there's only just the two of us
    C Am
    And here we are still fighting for our lives
    F Dm Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    Watching all of history repeat itself, time after time

    I'm just a dreamer
    Am Em Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    I dream my life away
    I'm just a dreamer
    Am Em Gmaj(Once, then stop and let ring)
    Who dreams of better days

    C Am
    I watch the sun go down like everyone of us
    C Am
    I'm hoping that the dawn will bring a sign
    F Dm Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    A better place for those Who will come after us, this time

    I'm just a dreamer
    Am Em Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    I dream my life away
    I'm just a dreamer
    Am Em Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    Who dreams of better days

    Dm Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    Your higher power may be God or Jesus Christ
    Dm Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    It doesn't really matter much to me
    Dm Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    Without each others help there ain't no hope for us
    Dm Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    I'm living in a dream of fantasy,
    C Am
    oh yeah, yeah, yeah

    C Am C Am F Dm Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    /* Solo in the end */

    C Am
    If only we could all just find serenity
    C Am
    It would be nice if we could live as one
    F Dm Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    When will all this anger, hate and biggotry, be gone?

    I'm just a dreamer
    Am Em Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    I dream my life away, today
    I'm just a dreamer
    Am Em Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    Who dreams of better days, oh yay
    I'm just a dreamer
    Am Em Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj
    Who's searching for the way, today
    I'm just a dreamer
    Am Em Gmaj-Gsus4-Gmaj C(Once, Let ring.)
    Dreaming my life away, oh yeah, yeah, yeah




    very fast .....................

    /5 slide into 5th fret
    7^9 bend from 7th fret to 9th fret
    ~ vibrato (usually vigorous in order to get same sound as Zakk gets)
    9r7 release the bent string (7th fret which was bent up to 9th fret)
    7p5 pull-off from 7th fret to 5th fret
    5h7 hammer-on from 5th fret to 7th fret
    10^^12 very slow bend
    10/12 slide from 10th fret to 12th fret

    * Zakk uses Marshall JCM800 + overdrive pedal (keeping only the volume boost)
    for distortion

    yup ... thats it ...
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