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Thread: Canon Rock in D

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    Jun 2008

    Canon Rock in D

    Hey guys i tried playing the famous Canon Rock by Jerry C.
    Its not perfect yet...still practising...
    Do have a look and leave a comment if you like.

    Keep Rocking

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    May 2005
    Perth (Australia)
    I can't believe how you guys learn this thing note for note, and more amazingly how that Thai kid has inspired hundreds of guitarists all over the world!
    Have you seen my handmade guitar 'The Tirangi'?

    See it at -

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    Jun 2008
    thnxs for dis beautiful song......

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    Dec 2006
    Well you made me rock with your video.....thnx for that! I love Pachelbell's Canon in D for many years now and would like to play it myself, but then on the acoustic guitar version....I miss the discipline, anywayz, keep it up!!



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