Better Man by Robbie Williams guitar chords
Am x02210
Am9 x02000
Bb x13331
C x32010
C5/G 3x2013
D xx0232
Dsus4 xx0233
Dm7/F 1x0211
Ebmaj7 xx1333
Em 022000
G 320003
Gsus4 3x0013
Gadd9 300003
Gmaj7 3x0002
Gm xx0333


|G| |Gsus4| |G| |C5/G|

Intro Riff:



Verse 1:

G Em
Send some-one to love_me_ I need_to rest_ in arms_

Am7 D
Keep me safe from harm_ in pour-ing rain__

G Em
Give me end-less sum_mer_ Lord, I fear the cold_

Am7 D
Feel I'm get-ting old_ be-fore my time_


Em D
As my soul__ heals the shame__

Gadd9 Em
I-will grow__ through this pain__

Am7 |D Dsus4 D D|
Lord, I'm do-ing_ all I can_

|G| |C5/G|
To be a bet-ter man