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    Post Best finger exercise!

    This is by far the best finger exercise i've seen for finger independence n playin with the tip of ur finger..


    now please don jump.. this is the tricky part :
    After playing the first 4 notes and moving to the second string, all 3 fingers stay right where they are and only the index finger moves to fret 1 string 2.. for the next note,the other 3 fingers stay constant and only the middle finger goes to fret 2 string 2.. and so on till the last note.. i.e. at any point of time only ONE FINGER moves to play a note.. i think this a good way to achieve finger independence and learning to play with the finger tip... comments please!

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    There is an entire thread dedicated to finger exercises, and incidentally, this one is the first one. Please search for these before starting new threads. And in any case this is in the wrong forums. Thread closed.
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