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    augur is offline I love bjr
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    Apr 2008
    Most of those songs are not awesome at all.

    Except the Himesh one.

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    augur is offline I love bjr
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    Apr 2008
    Most of those songs are not awesome at all.

    Except the Himesh one.

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    augur is offline I love bjr
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    Apr 2008
    I've been having these double-treble posts all of a sudden. My internet sucks worse than bjr's connection

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    CARLOS SANTANA is offline Guitarist
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    Jun 2008
    metallica - the day that never comes.
    linkin park - given up.

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    kguitar is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2008
    my favourite songs to play on guitar are ...
    Though the list goes very long... following is what i remember now.

    1. hotel californica
    2. summer of 69, please forgive me, best of me, heaven - Bryan
    3. day tripper - beatles
    4. Tears in heaven, mean old world, wonderful tonight, Cocaine - EC'
    5. smoke on the water - deep purple
    6. wind of change - scorpions
    7. november rain - GnR
    8. clocks, yellow, we never change - coldplay
    9. blaze of glory, its my life, dead or alive - bon jovi
    10. buffalo soldier, no woman no cry, stand up - bob marely
    11. river of dreams, she's always woman to me - billy joel
    12. LOBO

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    allen sebastian's Avatar
    allen sebastian is offline
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    Dec 2007
    Coimbatore, IN
    a cool song from richard marx HAZARD nice strumming pattern in LIVE version.,
    Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live! -----Bob Marley

    Allen Sebastian

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    ak&guitar's Avatar
    ak&guitar is offline THE INNER VOICE
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    Jul 2005
    banyaan circle


    1. I am a highway - Audioslave
    2. Doesn't remind me - Audioslave
    3. importance of being idle - Oasis
    4. Last Kiss - Pearl Jam's version
    5. Desperado - Eagles' version
    6. She said - Collective Soul
    7. She is love - Oasis
    8. Rise - Eddie Vedder
    a : k

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    augur is offline I love bjr
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    Apr 2008
    1. Sha Na Na Na - Euphoria
    2. Dhoom Pichuck - Euphoria
    3. Tum - Euphoria
    4. Hind Rock'n'Roll - Euphoria
    5. Rick's Lick - Euphoria
    6. Aamne Saamne - Euphoria
    7. Kyon Judaa - Euphoria
    8. Body Love - Euphoria
    9. D.J's 'Bass'ic Instinct - Euphoria
    10. Tumse Pyaar - Euphoria

    Hell yeah mf.

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    Inkee's Avatar
    Inkee is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2008
    My favorite is
    Unbreak my Heart (by Tony Braxton) - I've found a good tab for only 1 guitar - and it sounds really beautiful. But, not for very beginners...

    Also like heroes 4 theme.
    Both can be found at

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    elfascinating is offline risqué
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    Oct 2005
    Tandoori nights.

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    bjr's Avatar
    bjr is offline Lady of the Evening
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    Apr 2005
    hobs crk
    Quote Originally Posted by augur View Post
    3. Tum - Euphoria
    And surely you’ll buy your pint cup !
    and surely I’ll buy mine !
    And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
    for auld lang syne.

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    mani_manu is offline Beginner
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    Sep 2008
    This is the life - Amy MacDonald

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    Join Date
    Dec 2008
    Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
    Dooba Dooba - Silk Route
    Layla - Eric Clapton
    Hotel California - Eagles (BY FAR MY FAV.)
    Everything I Do - Bryan Adams
    Have I Told You Lately - Bryan Adams
    With You - Chris Brown
    ... that's all I can remember for now

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    yuvrajkailash is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2008
    hotel california - eagles
    stairway to heaven-led zeppelin
    nothing ele matters-metallica
    el mariachi-desperado (theme muic)
    another brick in the wall- pink floyd
    tequila sunrise-eagles
    godfather love theme
    bryan adams-summer of 69

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    denil is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2007
    TITANIC ACOUSTIC acoustic one u can find!!! :P
    u can find tabs here:
    Titanic tabs here!!!!....

    Fade to black - Metallica
    Nothing else matters - Metallica
    The day that never comes - Metallica
    hollow years - Dream theatre
    canon rock - Jerry C
    here without you - 3 doors down
    be somebody - 3 doors down
    drive - incubus
    pardon me - incubus
    stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin
    breaking the habit - LP
    numb - LP
    bleed it out - LP
    faint - LP
    holiday - scopions
    your guardian angel - red jumpsuit apparatus

    and many more


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