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    Yeh Nayan Dare Dare-Kohra

    These are the chords for the song...i have tabbed them myself so plz tell me if they r good

    F C
    Yeh Nayan Dare Dare
    F C
    Yeh Jaam Bhare Bhare
    F G
    Zara Peene Do

    F C
    Kal Ki Kisko Khabar
    F C
    Ek Raat Hoke Nidar
    F G
    Mujhe Jeene Do
    F C
    Yeh Nayan Dare Dare

    Use this music after "zara peene do" in the 1st para and mujhe jeene do in the 2nd para...

    F C
    Pyaar mein hai jeevan ki khushi
    G F
    Deti hai khushi kai ghum bhi
    mein maan bhi loon
    F C
    mein maan bhi loon kahi haar
    F G
    toooo maane na
    F C
    Yeh nayan dare dare

    The tabs for this song are also very simple just place your hands in the F scale manner and u will get this song completely! Try it out
    its something like


    Yeh Nayan Dare Dare
    and so on...

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    taquila is offline Guitarist
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    Well I havn't checked yet.. some one told me it's on G maj - A minor.. tell u after i check..

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    raga2303 is offline Guitarist
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    Aug 2009
    I played this song today and fallen in love..



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