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    Post Yeh Fitoor Mera (Fitoor) Guitar Chords
    - Yeh Fitoor Mera
    Film- Fitoor
    Lyrics- Swanand Kirkire
    Music- Amit Trivedi
    Singer- Arijit
    Key- G Flat Natural Minor


    (F#m11)Zindagi ne (A6sus2)ki hai kaisi (Badd11)saazishein
    (F#m11)poori hui (A6sus2)dil ki wo far(Badd11)maishein
    (F#m11)maangi duaa ek (A6sus2)tujh tak jaa pahunchi (Badd11)Parvardigara..Parvardigara
    (F#m11)kaisi suni tune (A6sus2)meri khamoshi Oo..(Badd11)Parvardigara

    Ye fi(D)toor me(E)ra laaya (A)mujhko hai tere ka(Badd11)reeb.. fi(D)toor me(E)ra rehmat (A)teri..(Badd11).. fi(D)toor me(E)ra maine (A)badla re mera na(Badd11)seeb.. fi(D)toor me(E)ra chaahat (A)teri..Oo..Parvar(Badd11)digara..Parvardigara

    Interlude- {(F#m11)..(A6sus2)..(Badd11)}-[2 times]

    (F#m11)Dheeme dheeme (A6sus2)jal rahi thi (Badd11)khwaishein
    (F#m11)dil mein dabi (A6sus2)ghut rahi far(Badd11)maaishein

    (F#m11)Banke dhuaan wo (A6sus2)tujh tak jaa pahunchi (Badd11)Parvardigara..
    (F#m11)deewangi ki (A6sus2)hadd maine nochi..Oo..(Badd11)Parvardigara

    chorus repeat

    rest is same

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    [Languages covered- Hindi,Tamil, English, Punjabi & Bengali]
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    (*-Till this post)
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