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    Jan 2007

    Why M I Called Newbie ....

    hi guys... does ny 1 OF u hav ny idea why the word 'NEWBIE' is continuously written under my name ....? PLZ REPLY...
    If u r not homo***ual ... u certainly r my friend ... Nightfire_XTreme
    I might be the Hottest Guy Alive...
    But that dosen't mean that you should dump your Boyfiends...
    I love Every Girl who loves Me !!!

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    Sep 2005
    my chair

    to change ur newbies title u need
    Item Cost: 950.00
    Item Tax Percentage: 3.25%
    Item Total Cost: 1,010.30 to perform action

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    Mar 2007
    how do u get all that? income tax oh my..
    ---Swami Praveenananda a.k.a Swami Mottananda...

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    Jan 2006
    lolz.....u r called a newbie coz u r one...................make sum quality posts and ppl will rep u and donate points to u.......................after that u can change ur newbie status



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