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    Post what does hammer mean in tabs

    can ne one tell me pls what does hammer mean in guitar tabs

    thanks a lot

    guitar hero

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    take ANY two frets, in the example below we select the 5th and 6th frets of the B string, and simply pluck the lower fret and then begin to hammer on the next fret higher by ur adjacent finger.U dont need to pluck again and all u need to do is just manage to sustain the sound from ur previous pluck.


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    take a hammer n hit that on the fret board lol

    ok born2tab explained that to u but in a simpler version its like play the fifth fret then while the sound is still there dont hit the string again place another finger on the sixth fret and u should be getting a sound kind of a bit same like if u hit the sting when u had one finger on the sixth fret.....



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