We want to make sure the game isn't changing on you when you do come back, a lot. So there's always a cost associated with making any change at all. So, as a general rule, if a change that we feel- the number change is not at least 15 to 25 percent, we don't even bother making it. And Diablo 3 Items that's the 90 percent of changes that don't even see the light of day. JW: I'd say that's pretty accurate. I'd also throw out that I think, with all Blizzard games, you tend to see more radical changes closer to ship. 'Cause we ship the game, and then we get it into the hands of a whole bunch of players, and they teach us things. And because we're not going anywhere, because we support our games so much, we kinda feel okay that, if something's really wrong, we'll change it pretty radically. You know? With Diablo 3, one of our big goals was to provide a lot of build diversity. That was very important to us. So a lot of times we would look at, say, skills that were being under-utilized. We felt like, you can't do a five percent or a 10 percent change and suddenly turn people turn people around on a skill that they don't like. Sometimes, you've gotta make a bigger change to make it more impactful. So, you know, as we've learned more about the game, we try not to be afraid to make big changes when we feel that they're necessary. That being said, I'd like us to reach a place where our changes are more incremental. But I do think, as Wyatt mentioned, we don't want the game to change too much. So you want to make sure that when you do make a change, they're profound enough that people can notice. The flip-side of that is, you don't want to make too many of those, because then exactly that problem happens. WC: And I could probably refine my previous statement in that, Jay is totally right. The early parts are sometimes tougher, because you're learning a lot more about your game. I said that a 15 percent change, you don't always make. But in retrospect, there are quite a few changes that are in the five to 15 percent region. A lot of times, there's also the issue of a buff vs. a nerf. So if we decide to do a five percent buff, yeah, the game changed, but no one minds. And if we think something's off by only five percent, maybe we can make that change safely. There are no hard and fast rules, obviously. It's half art and half science, but that's definitely a factor. The psychology of it. How many levels are going to be available for Monster Power? WC: Currently it's 10. And you've said Level 0 will be less difficult than the D3 power leveling game is now, but will be giving you the same amount of rewards as you're getting now? JW: Yeah, more or less. That changes based on the difficulty you're in, and even in Inferno, the act that you're in.