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    Feb 2006
    Good strumming, but I'm not sure if you used the right chords at few places and the changes too.
    Keep it uppp
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    good job

    hey can u please tell me the strumming patter, i am beginner, and hence having a bit of problem to comprehend the pattern, thanks

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    Aug 2006
    hey man...

    very good video and u have a nice voice .
    one favor dude ,,

    can u please write your chords in this manner ...
    G--> 320033 ..something like this because when u say chords a , e , d ...i dont understand what are those major or minor .so if u can write it in the above mention way...that'll be a great help.



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    AV, i commented on your same request in another thread.

    Sholay man Rohit BASS ON :-) where r u these days, exams over? Yeh dosti tod diya kya? Ab tere channel mein che gaane baaki he :-)) cheers waiting for more vids, rgds


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