Make use of Reputations

Good Reputation - Please make use of good reputations to reward the tabber who has fulfilled your request or even the person who's tabs you like. You can also think of giving good reps to the person who assists you in your queries. By doing so we hope to generate a better participation from the members of IGT.

Bad Reputation - If you find someone posting useless replies or spamming in threads, you can give him a bad reputation. You can also make use of bad reputation if you think a person is stealing your tabs or copy pasting the tabs from somewhere else.

What are Reputations?

Reputations are an add on module, you can find them on right side of the page just after the number of posts count. They are the colored dots use see besides the post count. Member reputation system provides a way of rating members based on the quality of their posts. You can add or subtract reputation points from other users by clicking the reputation link in their posts.