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    May 2005

    Question URGENT! Pleeeeeez open

    Can somebdy help me! i need the chords 4 "Toota toota ek parinda aise toota"
    i'd be thankful

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    i thought i should just tell you since u r new... put REQ in ur thread title when u post .... so REQ Allah ke bande

    ye the song is allah ke bande... as far as the lyrics u have given and i think they already in the forum... search them in the serach thing...

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    hey somendra......u got subros avtaar
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    dats right doc..
    i think its time i got a new 1
    lol talk abt stealin tabs/chrds.. he stole my avatar.. bad reps

    srch for Jayswami's version of allah ke bande..
    u'll get da perfect chords out thr..
    thr r lots of version in igt.. try jay's version.
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    find all posts by jai
    u will find it there
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