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    mobashirkhan is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2006

    Question understand guitar chords

    hi my dear friends..
    plz help me to understand guitar chords
    i am totally confused abt it.
    I want to learn chords and like to play all kind of songs
    so plz plz help me in chords from the beginning.
    waiting for good respones
    Best Regards

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    Mar 2006
    New Delhi
    u can check guitar lessons..and tutorials forums..

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    Mar 2006
    Hey Mobashir

    if you can tell me exactly whats confusin you about chords.. perhaps i can explain ... a few basics....
    let me know

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    May 2006
    I dont know whether this tecnique is right or not...but it sure is effective...

    Whenever you hear a song there is one thing that attracts us in the entire song...The change in the pattern of the tune of the song....There is a little change in sound [Scale] within a scale...that has a rythmic pattern...this is what forms the chord....Thus there are KEY notes within a song that makes up the song....These KEY notes are then modified to form a Chord...

    The National Anthem - Jana Gana Man

    The song begins with [ C ] and hence the first chord has got to have the note [ C ] in it...

    and then continuing the song, the next note that leaves a punch in the song is the note of the word Nayak ...this note of Nayak will be there in the next chord...

    Hope you get what i mean....



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