Song: Tu Hai Shikhar
Movie Name: Shikhar
Singer: Jagjit Singh
Music Director: Viju Shah

*play between G and F*
(la,la,la,la,la,la.. la,la,la,la,la..

neele neele aasmaa me tu hai,
naazo si kaliyon me tu hai,
dharti ki halchal me tu hai,
jeevan ke har pal me tu hai,
hey ishwar tu jaane yahaan kya hai kiska shikhar
tu hai mann ki shakti, asha hai sabki,
tu hi sabka saathi re

*Next two verses are same as the first one*

Note: Posting after a long time. This song seemed to me as a real simple one. It stands out because of its excellent use of notes and Jagjit Singh's singing style. It is definitely worth listening, if you have not heard it already. I have tried to get the right scale and chords, however, I do not claim this to be 100% accurate or perfect. Any suggestions/rectifications are more than welcome. I could not find this song in the forum and I hope this is not a repost.