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    Tere Bina---- Aap ka Suroor the movie

    na meri saansein chale, na mere palchhin kate

    beete na tere bina, tere bina, tere bina tere bina aa aa aa
    Tere bina tere bina tere bina tere bina tere bina teeeeereeeee bina

    Am------------- G-----------Fm---------G--------------
    tere yaad mein kitane mere aansu gire, na maine gina

    G--------- Fm---------- G-----------Fm------
    tune diya dard-e-jigar, dil pe huwa aisa asar
    aakhein band jab karuun, tera hi ek chehara
    Fm------------- G-------------
    lamha lamha yaara aaye nazar
    Am--------- G------------ Fm------------G----------
    teri kashish tadpaati hai, paagal mujhe kar jaati hai
    Am--------- G-----------Fm------------G----------
    doorie teri anjaane mein, mere kareeb tujhe laati hai

    and then the rest of the song is the same that aakhein band jab karun part im not sure cuz i dont have my guitar wit me but if its wrong i will fix it

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    Help me with strumming plz

    dude chords sounds goood ...
    but plz help me with the strummin
    n also does anyone had recorded this song and upload on soundclick?



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