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    Thumbs up Tabs Submission :Mohabbatain Voilon Tune

    Here are the tabs of mohabbatain voilon tune .I am also Submtting its original tune and my tune

    b| 7-12-10-12-10-8-8-10-7

    b| 3-10-8-10-8-7-7-8-5

    b| 8-7-5-7-5

    b| 7-5-3-5-3

    b| 0-0-0-8-8-8-10-12-7-5

    1-Original Tune

    2-My Tune
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    iprakash is offline Proud IGTian
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    Very good, but why are you keen on re-inventing things. This already exists on IGT. Tab something which nobody has tabbed yet on IGT.

    BTW its violin and not voilin
    A XAND B => A AND B but not BOTH



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