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    Thumbs up Tabs for the song Tuj Mein Rab ***tha Hai - SRK Hits

    This is a request from IGT Member.......

    We discuss the tabs for the song Tuj Mein Rab ***tha Hai Yaara Main Kya Karoon from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.....

    Nice melody set in D# Major..... following the notes D# F G G# A# C C#.

    The song however, starts in F Minor with G# as the first note.....

    Please do try these tabs and put down your comments................

    --------Tu hi to------jannat meri-----Tu—hi-mera--junnon
    --------Tu hi to------mannat meri---Tu—hi—rooh—ka--sukun
    E-------4---1--3-----------1--4-3------4--1--3--4----4----1---------- E
    B--------------------4--4------------------------------------------------ B

    ---------Tu hi—ankhiyon—ki-thandak-----Tu-hi-dil-ki-hai--dastak
    E-------4--8--11--13-11-9-----4----8--------4--8--13-11-9--4---8-------- E

    --------Aur—kuch—na--janu mein------Bas---itna-hi-jaanu
    E-------8---13-13--11--11-9-----9----------9---6-8--6--4-3-1------------- E

    --------Tujhe mein—rab---***hta—hai-------Yaara—mein-kya-karu
    E---------1------4----6-4-----3--4----1-----------1----3----6---4--3------ E
    B-----1------------------------------------------2---------------------------- B

    Hope you will enjoy playing this..................... Sathya

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    u r really great na



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