Song- Sun Le Zara
Film- Singham Returns
Lyrics- Sandeep Nath
Music- Jeet Gangulli
Singer- Arijit
Key- E Natural Minor

Chords- Ok! Ok! nothing new about this song..Jeet Gangulli has reused the tune of his own song(as he often do so) from the Bengali movie "Boss" for this Hindi number(and that too was sung by Arijit). The name of the Bengali song(Original one) is "Mon Majhi Re" and I've given the chords for that song in the Bengali section a year ago. So I have literally copy pasted my own version.

Piano Intro-(Em)..(C)..(Am)..(Dm)..(B)..(Em7)..

Dar (Em)pe tere (D)aake..main kha(Em)da sir jhu(D)ka ke..(Em7)..
..dar (Em)pe tere (D)aake..main kha(Em)da sir jhu(D)ka ke..

(C)Kar de kar(G)am
(C)apna dha(G)ram main ni(B)bhaun..O Rehnu(Em)ma..

(Em)Teri duaa..(C)aaa..hai ilte(D)jaa..
(D)sunn le za(C)raa sunn le zaraa..(B)aaa..
(B)sunn le za(E5)raa sunn le za(C)ra sunn le za(D)raa meri du(G)aa..(B)..

Guitar Solo(Rhythm Part)-(Em)..(Am)..(B)..(G)..(G6)..(B7)..(Em)..(Am7)..(B)..(G)..(Am)..(Em)

(Em)Har pal dil mein hai sholey jalte hu(C)ey..Ooo..
(Am)khudko bachaun me kaise pi(D)ghalte hu(G)ey..(B7)Ooo..

(Em)Har pal dil mein hai (E)sholey jalte hu(Am7)ey..aeyy..
(Am)khudko bachaun mey (B7)kaise pi(D)ghalte hu(G)ey

(Em)Thehere hu(G)ye
(Em)mere ka(G)dam chal na pa(B)aun.. O Rehnu(Em)ma..

chorus repeat

rest of the song is same(with little improvisation from the original)

for the Bengali Version(Original) see my post in this thread
plz post "MON MAJHI RE" from new bengali movie BOSS

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