Hello folks! Someone had requested the chords for this amazing song!
I am posting this as a new thread so that more people can be benefitted

This is an entire chord sheet of the song written BAR-WISE
Key= Dm

Intro:\D9\%\D9Em7\Cm7\--->repeat twice
\D9\Em7\---repeat twice
\A7\%\Em A\%\C#\EbA\Dm\%\A\Dm\A7\Dm\Gm\%\Gm\%\Dm\%\

$: \Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\Dm\
X: \\Dm\Dm\C\%\Bb\A7\Dm\Dm

Music 1:
\Dm A\E A7\Gm\%\Dm\%\F\%\Am7\%\Gm\Fmaj7\%\Ebmaj7\%\ F\%\%\%\F6 C#\A7Dm6\A\

\Dm\A\Dm\%\Dm\F\Dm\A\---->repeat twice

Too lazy to post Music 2!!

Suggestions and REPS are welcome

%= repeat previous bar
$= 1st line of Mukhada
X= 2nd line of mukhada
n.c.= no chord