Stainless steel sheet is calculated in accordance with the weight of the different specifications of the unit price of different plates, the price can be a little lower address of tens of dollars per kilogram, while the specifications of the higher prices may be a few hundred dollars per kilogram. So the price of stainless steel pipe is still the most important to determine the specifications to see if you buy the specifications of stainless steel plate how stainless steel for sale

Here is Foshan City, eternal Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. 304 stainless steel material sold, the following specifications: 0.6 * 1219 * 2438mm, 1.1 * 1219 * 2438mm, 2.0 * 1219 * 2438mm, the price of 240.00--890.00 yuan a . In addition, 300 series of products are available, whether it is flat steel or coil thickness can be directly customized, but the price and the need to contact manufacturers.stainless steel suppliers,stainless steel sheet

Foshan Xinde Metal Materials Co., Ltd. produces 201,202,301,304,430 stainless steel plate material, the steel has a variety of patterns, you can choose according to the different types, the official out of the price is 11.8 yuan per Kg, if you need to purchase you need to contact the manufacturer.Stainless Steel Metal Products For Sale

Shanghai Jiede Special Alloy Material Co., Ltd. produces 316L, 303,310S steel, the specifications of which are as follows: 3.0 * 1219 * C, 5.0 * 1500 * C, 4.0 * 1500 * C, 12.0 * 1500 * C , 16.0 * 1500 * C. For the price, because of the different materials or different specifications have changed, roughly 20.5 yuan per kilogram.
Wuxi City, the strong impact of Steel Co., Ltd. for the 310S material, there are 0.5 * 1219 * C, 0.7 * 1219 * C, 0.9 * 1219 * C, 1.5 * 1219 * C, 2.0 * 1219 * C, At 28 yuan per kilogram.Stainless Steel suppliers,steel sheets