Hey all,

I need suggestions for a good strumming pattern for Mera Joota Hai Japani sung by Mukesh from Shri 420.

The chords that I have finally arrived at (based on the key used by my accompanying vocalist) are:

Music: Em/ D/ G
Mukhda: Em/ D / Em
Interlude music: E/ G
Stanza: E/ B/ E

The strumming pattern that I am using by instinct is:

It sounds okay and peppy but I am not sure if it is correct because the third down comes without a free strumming motion going up.

Can someone suggest improvements to this pattern or let me know of another good pattern that will make the song sound peppy? I have a bunch of vocalists singing along and of course there is a keyboard providing the melody and rhythm.

Any help would be appreciated.

The song can be heard here:


Thanks in advance.