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    Solo For Dus Bahenin - Dus


    here we go....... tell me

    this is the part where he says

    "dus bahenin ker keh ley ghaye dill"

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    which song is this? where can i listen?

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    well .. here r the tabs of the song
    i have just tried out this song - Dus bahane
    from the film dus . i have not figured out the intro of this

    1 --------0--0------0--1--0---0---------------------------
    2 ---------------3------------------3--1--1---3----------
    3 ---2-------------------------------------------------------

    uski aankhon mai baatein baaton mai jadoo

    1 --------0--0---------0-1--0---0-------------------------
    2 ---------------3--------------------3--1--1---3--------
    3 ---2-------------------------------------------------------

    jadoo mai kho gaye hum ho gaye bekaabo
    (The only diff is tht the 5 note comes a little late while 6 th note comes fast )

    1 --------------------------------------------------------------------
    2 -------0---------------0----------------0---------3---1--0--0---
    3 ---2------2--1----2------2--1----2--------2---------------------

    I looked at u , u looked at me aur ho gayi mushkil

    1 ------------------------------------------------------------------
    2 -------0---------------0----------------0--------3---1--0--0--
    3 ---2------2--1----2------2--1----2--------2------------------

    as u became my destiny tuhi meri manzil

    1 ------------------------------------------------------------
    2 ---1--1--0--0-------------------0--0-------0--1--------
    3 ------------------2--2----0--2----------2----------------

    dus bahane karke le gaye di , le gaye dil

    i will add the nxt part later ... if this could be improved then suggestions r welcome
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    Amazing wrk man, its sounds gr8.
    Keep it up !



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