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    Smile Sing Along Songs

    hi friends,
    i have been playing guitar for some time now but cant sing along with most of the songs...
    plz sugest some songs to sing along with guitar

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    first of all dont hury up,music is a sadhana or tapasyaa u cant get it just like that,so be patience continue with yor practice first get fluent with all the chords thn choose some song get it s chords downloaded frm net .now play the song and by seeng the chord chart .gradually start humming while playing sooner u will see that neither yor rhytm is breaking and moreover u r singing.all i can say is that its just a atter of time

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    Jan 2008
    thanks deepan :-)
    i'll surely try that out...
    could you suggest some songs yourself maybe some of your personal favourites...
    well i can play open chords well but i'm rusty with barre chords...
    hoping for a reply



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