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    Arrow Shifting to Electric Guitar

    Hi Dudes,

    What is the difference between playing an acoustic and an electric guitar.

    Give various techniqes that a new user should learn while h e/she is
    shifting playing from an acoustic guitar to an electric guitar.


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    There is no basic diff. between the two guitars it's just in electric guitar u can amplify the sound , and u can add various effects to ur electric guitar , the technique is quite the same. A chord will remain A chord in electric guitar so no problems in it it's just u need to learn the basic things like how to play distortion and all..

    BTW ur posting ur questions in wrong forums these questions should be in "Beginners Q & A's " forum dude
    _________/\_________ .. see ya on the dark side of moon....

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    ayad is offline Guitarist
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    where noone lives
    except one thing tht i dont think so u can harmonics on an acoustic guitar becos for tht u need distortion
    the best guitar in the world is the guitar with the broken strings.cos playing it is very easy



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