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    Roja Jaaneman Paradigm Shift Cover Tab

    This is my own rendition of the Roja Jaaneman cover that Paradigm Shift did at blue frog. I just tabbed out the basic melody because I've been getting so many messages on youtube asking for the tab. I transposed this by ear and you should too! But I thought this would give you a nice starting point to figure out the rest of the song. In the sixth section of this tab, I played the "Roja jaaneman, tu hi mera dil, tujh bin tarse" part differently in the video. In this tab I added slides instead of flat notes because it gives a more authentic feel I think. Here's the video for reference and the tab directly below. Cheers.

    Roja Jaaneman - Paradigm Shift version Tab
    / = Slide h = Hammer on


    e-----------12--------------------------------- |

    e--------7-------7-9------------------------| (Repeat twice)

    e------------11-12--12-12---------11-12-14-10---9------ | (Repeat twice)
    B---------12-------------------12---------------------12 |
    G--10-14------------------------------------------------ |

    e-------7-9---------------------------------| (Repeat twice)

    e-----------------------------------------------------------------------| (Repeat twice)

    e--------------------------------------| (Repeat twice)

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