Yet another jaane jaan cover?????
well this one is not the usual regae techno remix we get on tv these days ..

I was going through my old PC hard disk, and found a cakewalk project from 1999 I had forgotten about.. I had recorded jaane jaan back then..
i remember painfully laying down the MIDI drum track on cakewalk.. it took me days back then to do that , and it would probably take me 30 mins today.. cause of all the loops that are available..
ne ways i converted all that to protools and remixed it.. I lost a lot of keyboard tracks.. but i dont think u guys will notice it , its now morphed into this cool dirty sounding rock song.. with not so sureela vocals,not so precise lead guitar which fills in for the girl... we make up for all those inadequacies by raising the noise and the volume. and kick ass bass and rhythm guitaring done my good friend mat pattara .

might give some of u guys hints for strumming pattern if u wanna play this song.. focus on the clean rhythm guitar track for that...

here it is