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    Vikas Mohindra is offline Beginner
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    Jan 2005

    Requesting strumming patterns for some hindi songs


    Request you to knidly let me know the strumming patterns for playing chords for the following songs:
    1. Ek haseena thi, ek deewana tha
    2. Churaliya hai tumne jo dil ko
    3. Yaadon mein woh jo sapno mein hai
    4. Chaand mera dil chandani ho tum
    5. Yaadon ki baraat
    6. Gum hai kisi ke pyar mein
    7. Dil kya kare jab kisi ko
    8. Do lafzon ki hai dil ki kahani
    9. Meri bheegi bheegi si palkon mein rahe gaye
    10. Rim jhim gire saawan
    11. Yeh hai meri kahani
    12. Tu hi meri shab hai


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    saurabh_taurian is offline Beginner
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    Jul 2006
    I am suggesting you a simple strumming pattern...try DDUUD. It will work with some of the songs not all. I havn't tried any of the song yet will post the rite strumming pattern after trying them

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    ntinsane is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2006
    if you are a beginner try playing main yahan hoon yahan hoon--veer zara . it is a cool song. i play it with the pattern dduud. it is a easy song to have confidence in u. even u will be able to play synchronously with singing.

    chaand mera dil,chura liya hai songs are played by some of our dear member on you tube. you can listen to his songs because they provide a good amount of teaching.
    he has posted videos for following:
    1. aap jaisa koi meri
    2. chura liya
    3. hothon se chhulo tum
    4. suhana safar
    5. bekarar karke hamein
    6. yeh jeevan hai
    7. jab koi baat beegad jaye

    chura liyaa-- ddd...d
    chaand mera dil--- almost same.

    hope it is useful to u.

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    swati_mltr is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2007
    Can u plz tell me wat is DUUDU...plz do reply...

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    saurabh_taurian is offline Beginner
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    Jul 2006
    D - DOWN
    U - UP
    simple!!!! try for the beginners strumming exercise....try that and u can make out you own strumming patterns through it.



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