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    Req: Tum jo mil gaye ho--mohd rafi

    please provide me the chords for tum jo mil gaye ho--mohd.Rafi

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    ashfire76 is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2009

    better late than never


    i am sure you must have got your hands on this till now....still want to document it for you.

    Dm G
    tum jo mil gaye ho, to ye lagataa hain

    Bb7 A7 Dm
    ke jahaan mil gayaa

    Eb Dm
    Flute piece

    Bb7 A7 Dm
    ke jahaan mil gayaa

    voilen piece

    F G F G Dm
    yek bhatake huye raahee ko, kaarawaan mil gayaa

    Dm G F
    baithho naa door hum se, dekho khafaa naa ho

    Dm G F
    kismat se mil gaye ho, mil ke judaa n ho

    Dm G Dm A7
    meree kyaa khataa hai, hotaa hain ye bhee

    Dm Bb7 A7 Dm
    ke jamee se bhee kabhee, aasamaan mil gayaa of the progression for para is same as above.........

    tum kyaa jaano, tum kyaa ho
    yek sureelaa nagmaa ho
    bheegee raato mein mastee, tapate dil pe saayaa ho
    ab jo aa gaye ho, jaane naa doongaa
    ke muze yek haseen, meharabaa mil gayaa

    tum bhee the khoye khoye, main bhee buzaa buzaa
    thaa ajanabee jamaanaa, apanaa koee n thaa
    dil ko jo mil gayaa hai, teraa sahaaraa
    yek naee jindagee kaa, nishaa mil gayaa

    Strumming is normal 8 beats where you have to strss on 1st, 4th and 7th strum.

    I hope it sounds good to you.


    *Source : pawan guitar channel (youtube)

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    ravi211991 is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2010
    Hey ashfire76
    yaar I feel that the first line can also be played in this manner...

    Tu(Dm)m Jo Mil Gaye H(C)oo..
    To Y(Dm)e lagta ha(C)i....

    I used C instead of G in this manner ....
    Please check that is it correct or not???

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    raga2303 is offline Guitarist
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    Aug 2009
    Best chords for this song were documented by Kishmu in link for the same is



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