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    pearlstone is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2005

    Cool req:-stummming patern for dilse

    hey anyone please provide me strumming pattern for dil se...speacially jayswami

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    jayswami's Avatar
    jayswami is offline Blue J
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    Nov 2004
    the original is bass driven. the version i have online is a random version.. where i just strummed without a plan. for posting strumming pattern, i will have to listen to my own strumming and figure out from the randomnees what is happeing.. a better plan would be that i plan the arrangement, play it and then give u the strummign pattern see 90% of the time.. i just strumm what comes naturally to me.. without figuring out what i am actually strumming.. this D D U U thing i saw for the first time on IGT only. initially i assumed that ppl cannot figure out what rhythm strumming is happening in a song because there is too much stuff that goes on in a song and most of the time the strumming is mixed low. and some times there may not be any strummign as well. So i started posting audio of me strumming, assuming that that would be enough to help people figure out. then i started getting PMs like can i specify the strumming pattern for my audio clip .. only then i realised that the stuff i took for granted might not come so naturally to many people.. then i realised i had a bigger problem.. i found it very difficult to reverse engineer my own strumming .
    So enough blabbering.. if i can find any volunteers who can reverse engineer my strumming and post the strumming pattern that would be awesome.

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    jusmail is offline Beginner
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    Feb 2005
    Yap, I am working on that!!!

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    Jul 2004
    ^^ will post my pattern soooooon ok
    try to get it tarap tarap ta ta sth i think ..............

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    Feb 2005

    Red face

    please give the strumming pattrn soon plz waiting for it plz plz plz plz



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