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    Question REQ: socha na tha .. please ITs challenge

    to all Guitarist
    yaar i want to play this song .. actualy .. its challenge for me to sing this song .. i dont know its chord unfornatly .. so u guys help me out .. please its realy urgent ...... please its chorddssss please please
    Thanks in Advance
    love u guys help me out please
    what who how when why where .... do you have answer

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    Thumbs up Socha Na Tha Chords

    Song - Socha Na Tha
    Singers - Sandesh Shandilya, Sadhna Sargam
    Music - Sandesh Shandilya
    Movie - Socha Na Tha
    Key - A Major
    Chords - DJMistryMan

    A A D
    Kabhi Dil Ke Kareeb
    A A D
    Tumhe Mere Naseeb
    D Bm A
    Yun Layenge..Socha Na Tha

    A A D
    Ek Chahat Ka Pal
    A A D
    Sab Sawaloon Ka Hal
    D Bm A
    Yun Paayenge..Socha Na Tha

    I have to rush for now but will try and complete it as soon as i can. Atleast check it out and let me know if its in the right key.

    Thanks to amit82cse lessons in the tips section about figuring out scales/chords. Its an easy strumming pattern. Play with the song and you will get it.

    All the formatiing may be off but play with the song to get it.
    Aaphika Apna Kuch Jaana Pehchaana Kuch Anjaana Ajnabee ~


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    doesnt seem to be rite!!! sorry bro
    Life's a dance you learn as you go.....sometimes you lead sometimes you's a dance you learn as you go!!!!!!!



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