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    thanks for the advice !!!!!!

    now this seems i m taliking 2 some gooooooooooooooodddddd seneior guitarists ...
    thanks once again ,

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    Something from me...

    Bheega Bheega sa yeh december hai - Chocolate
    Beautiful song with just 2 easy chords. You will love playing.

    Bheega Bheega sa yeh december hai - Chocolate

    1. Listen to the song on
    2. Get in the mood
    3. Play by yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by knight_guitar
    ^^ don't u guys think if he/she a newbie and totally new to guitar there can be a chance he/she got some trouble playing "F" chord (as i remember when i started playing chord , holding F chord at that time was one of the difficult jobs for me.. so it's better if suggest some chord on simple two chords or like that .. hmm let's say.. "

    he/she can try "i'd love you to want me by lobo" as it's quite simple to play .

    I guess everyone has that problem.
    I remember wen i had difficulty in holding the C chord then
    Also the Barre chords become difficult.
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    Michael Angelo Batio-Speed Kills.u'll be suprised at how easy the song is.
    okay fine lemme be serious
    try summer of 69
    D A and Dsus4 and Asus2.try the chords u'll get the order.


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