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    apar_mathur is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2004

    REQ:PAL by KK please does anyone have the TABS

    i want the tabs for pal by KK which are played continously in the song and ALSO the Tabs played in between the stanzas. i have ckecked the existing threads but could not find what i require. the tabs played in the background are very good. PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME. Thanks in advance

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    ArindamSarkar is offline Tabber
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    Nov 2008


    you should search the forum (top right about 7" below).

    Here's the link that I found:
    req. chord of song PAL by KK

    The song is in F but I could not find the version here...

    Try my blog:
    My Guitar Blogs:

    DesiChords . blogspot . com
    BanglaChords . blogspot . com
    BasicMusicTheory . blogspot . com




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