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    My life has changed.

    How many more people will hate me now?
    You can believe what you want, it doesn't mean you're right. a fact of life.

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    a very common problem for all beginners. we tend to entirely lose the rhythm while playing, mostly (as used to happen with me) mess up the singing... nothing to worry about it, it takes time to come, but once it does, it never leaves you, however difficult the song. i myself couldn't do this at all, when one day i woke up and could suddenly do it damn well! of course, in the meanwhile i was trying hard to get it right.

    well, there are certain steps to make the passage easier out of this trouble.

    the first thing is to do with the guitar itself. make sure you can play perfectly along to the record right in the rhythm. it is called 'muscle memory': u shd be always able to play the chords correctly whenever u want to, and not only sometimes. to do this, ur fingers and hands will learn to *remember* to summon up exactly the right muscles to tend to automatically shape themselves accordingly in the next chord shape and move along in the right direction to form that chord without yourself even having to think of pushing them to do so.

    then at first, you may avoid singing entirely. just hum along the tune while playing. u'll realise this is much easier to do and goes well with the chords too most of the time.

    then u may graduate to singing and playing with the track. this is still kinda easier coz u can sometimes skip some singing portions if u find ur rhythm eluding u.

    then to start doing it on ur own... the first requisite to be able to add singing to the chords is to remember the song absolutely perfectly, the lyrics and the tune and the intonations and all. u may avoid some singing techniques like the tremolo in the beginning, as u can pick all that later again.

    yet, it used to happen with me always - i suddenly forgot the lyrics i had been singing for years without even thinking once about it! so the lyrics u shd really remember to the word. remember it as if u could sing it even in ur sleep!

    well, u may try along these lines, hopefully u'll get better... u shd understand that it appears difficult at first coz our brains are at the beginning too occupied with making the guitar sound right - as that is the newer thing we've learned (as was my case) and naturally we're not so sure about it - that it hasnt yet learnt to channelise our attention to the voice at all while playing. u may relate this with people learning to drive.. u'll hardly find a young driver talking much while at his new-found job. thats coz he needs full mental concentration to keep his driving steady.

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    Abe u dont understand what we say?


    You can believe what you want, it doesn't mean you're right. a fact of life.


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