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    shobhit4friends is offline Guitarist
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    Dec 2005

    My recording : Dil to pagal hai

    hi plz check out my recording of Dil to Pagal hai

    if u like then plz dnt forget to comment !!!

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    sukrut's Avatar
    sukrut is offline God Guitarist
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    May 2006
    Somewhere in time
    again dude...........bad mixing.................

    the guitar simply too loud.....voice is really really low............

    couldn't hear much of anythin........

    ur rec's arent gettin any better dude.........

    sorry if im harsh.............

    Nobody dies a virgin; because in the end, life f u c k s us all!

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    Gold_Glitz's Avatar
    Gold_Glitz is offline Newbie
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    May 2006
    wow! youre great, amazing that was sooo good! were you playin with tabs or chords becuase i wanna learn....i8 heard dil to pagal hai and mitwa and mst admit that i liked them both!!



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