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Thread: medley ideas

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    amogh_war is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2006

    Unhappy medley ideas

    hi all
    we are doing a medley as a part of our gig for a college fest in the light music category. planning to play pyaar hame kis mod pe le aaya(satte pe satta) and dumm maaro dum, need two more songs to complete the medley. any ideas? got very little time, so all help is appreciated.
    happy strumming

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    bjr's Avatar
    bjr is offline Lady of the Evening
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    Apr 2005
    hobs crk
    Shaan- Bhool Ja
    Shaan -Tanha Dil
    Junoon- Sayonee
    Jaanejaan Dhoondta Phir Raha
    Neele Neele Ambar Par (I'm not very sure about this)

    Sorry I don't play a lot of Hindi songs so I'm not really much help.
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    and surely Ill buy mine !
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    sandskin666 is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2007
    anyone familar with hindi scales???



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