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    varunrajani is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2006
    SUrat gujarat
    nice work pal....
    but next time get ur voice a voice in the songs...all on hears is chords...

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    SG1's Avatar
    SG1 is offline "Brown Jesus"
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    Sep 2006
    Hey duder, some tips i wanna share ...
    Okay so when you record your vocals must be a little high dude because as varun said your vocals are too low as compare to your instrument which is totally wrong .. umm let me tell you a good trick which really works sometimes .. so yea see i can hear those reall ugly voices coming from your guitar because you are not pressing the strings right when changing chords which a major beak down for a guitar player and i understand your new to this guitar thing and still learning and i respect that .. so until you are in this learning process try to decrease the guitar volume and increase your vocals so when people like me listen to your music your vocals will automatically cover those stupid sounds coming from your strings while changing chords. I hope you know what i mean and will take care of this thing in your future recordings, overall this song is pretty hard on vocals but reall simple as a joke on guitars so work hard and things will work out for you try to do the stuff i told ya vocals high and guitars low until you master the guitar.

    Ps: Good Job and Keep Recording and Posting It.
    "Brown Jesus"

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    Jul 2005
    good tips SG, Basson is totally new to guitaring. A Dental student, busy these days with exams I guess. He his highly talented. He told me he just played after some friend showed him how. When v take that into account it's a terrific start.
    Very good points you mentioned. he should be back online soon

    edit: i really like his vocals. esp Blunt song and start of tere bin(rest is not very clear). I hope he'll spend some time learning guitaring


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