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    Smile Kites in the sky

    Helo guys

    I really wanted to play this song but couldnt find it anywhere. now that i have found it, i dont know how to play arpeggios damn!

    here is it...

    Song Name: Kites In The Sky
    Film/Album: Kites
    Singer(s): Hrithik Roshan, Suzanne D'Mello
    Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
    Lyricist: Asif Ali Beg

    An awsome song. A complete acoustic composition on simple plucking on very easy chords basically G and C. Hope to see some awsome video with this track in the movie. May be the first track sung by Hrithick???...Dont Know...! Please listen the chord changes in the track very carefully!!...things are tricky.

    INTRO as: [ G C G C G C G C ] a babysitter arpeggio Guess the tab is not necessary!
    and the patter of G C goes on...there may be a Em with C near 'sky'

    Kiaro volla kondigo estan noche
    dekome gusha este momento
    Kites in the sky, (Em)soaring(G) (C)together
    Lovers forever, forever is a lie

    (C)Who .. (Am)holds the time in his hand
    What has (F)destiny planned
    (Am)Will the (B)heart (A)understand...[Agian on G C G C]

    Kites in the sky, soaring together
    Lovers forever, forever is a (D)lie

    SOLO on [Am G F Dm G Am]

    (Am)estea(C)mo...mes naam (Am)manado
    (F)guoedo sentimo(Am) komonno dokarmo(Gm)...(G)...back on same rhythm
    Kiaro volla kondigo estan noche
    dekome gusha este momento

    On STRINGS: [D A D D A D D A D A D A]
    On GUITAR(Strummimg) [ A D A D ]...D strokes will be UP strokes.

    [On D A]
    Kites in the sky
    Lovers forever

    Read more:
    full credit goes to the guy who came up with it. sorry i was not able to post the source link and had to delete the links because i dont have 15 posts or so the forum says and i cant post url's.

    play on

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    cn u plz post d tabs also....



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